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The First 6…

Friday, September 16th, 2016 | Luka | General

Hello, my fellow astrological enthusiast’s!….. Welcome back to my blog.  I want to give a simple description of each zodiac sign which is pretty much the outline of each sign and it’s specific traits.  Just knowing the basic information pertaining to each sign peaks my interest enough to want to find out more in depth information.  Especially for the signs of  those I share the closest relationships with.  I feel the more I learn about the signs of those in my inner circle the more insight I seem to have on the dynamics of our signs together and the relationships we share. Which I should tell you I, myself, am a Cancer.  For those of you that know anything about the Cancer individual and even for those of you just now reading into the signs I can confidently tell you I am a 100% true Cancer down to my pinkie toe! In fact this being said in reading more about my sign I have actually gained a better understanding of myself as a person. Before I get in any deeper about my own sign let me get back to the main focus of this post. I will start with the first six zodiac signs….

Aries- The Aries individual is a independent, enthusiastic impulsive ,short tempered, courageous person that will go after what they want.  They aren’t afraid to take a gamble when it comes to succeeding at something.  This being said if they don’t achieve their desired goal or see fast enough results they tend to lose interest pretty fast. Their magnetic, exciting personality tends to project them into the role of leading others.  The opposition of this is that they do not like taking direction from others, and tend to be self centered and therefore do not think of others feelings as much as they should.  To end on some good qualities they are very generous and optimistic.

Taurus- Our Taurus people are very patient, dependable, stubborn, self indulging, loyal individuals.  While they don’t like taking a leadership role they do have a persistent nature which allows them to strengthen on the already known and succeed once they have perfected their skills. Those of this sign are very sensitive and tend to take comments and wrongful things done to them to heart.  While they may be lazy they are also self indulging and often are very quick to dive into projects or other things relating to themselves.  Taurus individuals tend to be opinionated and stingy and do not like change.  They are very down to earth and hold close their family and best friends offering patient loyalty to anyone they deeply care about.

Gemini- These individuals are not ones to be pinned down by anyone or anything.  They have many sides to them and want to see the world on their own.  They are extremely independent, clever, imaginative people.  Because of these traits they also tend to be devious, restless, and very superficial.  Instead of judging others by their deeper qualities they tend to make an assumption as to how they are treated.  Because of this they often are wrong with first impressions.  With their restlessness they also tend to focus on many projects at once and never really on one thing alone.  Thus creating a trail of unfinished business.  They crave change and freedom and need to define their lives on their own terms.  However because of this need for freedom they are very adaptable which can help them in many life situations.

Cancer- That’s me!! Cancers are the most emotionally driven of all the Zodiac signs.  They tend to need the most emotional support and encouragement of all.  Thus being said Cancers also referred to as the crab are also the most complicated and contradicting.  While they lust after security and support they also crave new adventure.   With their need of emotional stability they often become clingy.  However they do not trust easily and are always looking for the imperfections in things ready to be hurt or sad.  Because of this they tend to half hide in their shell and not fully expose themselves completely to people, even while wanting to take care of and be needed by others. They are the most nurturing of the zodiac and therefore also are known as the mother.  They have a desire to take care of people, and make them happy.  In doing so they then feel happy within themselves. These creatures are deeply rooted with intuition and thus are excellent people readers and are very observant.  If a cancer individual can conquer their emotional downfalls they can become extremely successful people.  It’s a tiring job living half in a shell ready to protect themselves while also wanting to love and take care of those they care about, as well as conquer their own insecurities and stand up for what they believe in.  They may be sensitive and soft on the inside, however they also have a strong sense of will and therefore will stand up for what they want.

Leo- Leo individuals are very independent people and could definitely succeed in what they choose on their own. However they crave someone or something to control as well as to have an admirer and someone that appreciates them.  Although they are very sensitive they hide it very well in their desire for attention, praise and flattery.  They set after the finer things in life as well as define themselves by their social, and extravagant possessions.  They have a flair and want for the nicer things and tend to stir up issues or drama to fulfill their need to keep them satisfied.  While they do not take well to conflict and will strike back with force they do not hold grudges and can forgive quickly.  Leos persist in constant efforts to keep their reputations and images as they desire. Yet they are very exciting individuals and tend to acquire admirers with this characteristic.

Virgo- Virgos are trapped in their own mind.  They like to analyze and think things through before doing anything.  Because of this trait they are very observant, reliable and precise.  However they also tend to be a little too skeptical, inflexible and cold.  They tend to put their intellect to use and be somewhat narrow minded and live by routine.  They are associated with being cold as well because they live in their minds and not emotions and feelings.  However this is not entirely a down fall for these people.  They may constantly strive to improve, but they are honest with pure motives and are out to accomplish any thing they may start.

How exciting is it to learn about these first 6 signs and realize we still have 6 more signs to discover .  The more you read about each sign the more yoU will start to identify those in your life with the traits that their sign represents.  I believe if we all studied astrology a bit more we may be able to interact and have more harmonious relationships with others!  Until next time my Astrology friends! Peace, love, and happiness….

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