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The Remaining 6

Monday, September 19th, 2016 | Luka | General

Hello readers!  In my last blog, The First 6, we discussed 6 of the twelve signs that make up the Zodiac Chart.  Which means we have 6 signs still remaining to learn a little bit about to finish rounding out the chart. Let’s begin with Libra, the most diplomatic of all the Zodiac signs……..

Libra– Libras…Libras are very diplomatic, balanced, and graceful individuals.  However they also tend to have superficial, unreliable, and vain qualities.  These qualities lead them to crave luxury and expensive things.  They have a constant desire to be around people rather then spend time alone.  Libras tend to captivate others with their hospitable nature, as they are known to be harmonious peacemakers.  Although the libra individual tends to possess intelligence and independence they prefer to let others do their work for them, which can often lead to them being an underachiever. Often though their love for excitement and new surroundings leads them to form groups and become the center of that group.  Libras love to have the admiration of others and reveal in the leadership role.  It is hard to not want to follow a libra, because he/she is such an easy going person that wants everyone to get along.

Scorpio- The individuals that fall under Scorpio are the most misunderstood individuals of the zodiac!  They tend to be misread by others because of their fiercely independent attitude and the need to not be controlled.  Scorpios are loyal, passionate, determined and persistent people.  They can accomplish any task they set out to do because they never give up as well as they have unwavering flexibility.  They can re evaluate a situation and adjust accordingly.  They have a shocking tendency to be truthful in their humor and are seen by others as powerfully interesting beings.  Relationships tend to be complicated with people of this sign do to the fact that they are very stubborn and moody.  However I like to think they are misunderstood a little because a scorpio loves deeply and intensely.  If you treat a scorpio with kindness and respect they will forever be loyal and caring to you in return.  The creatures of this sign show an underlying calm to the outside world however they have immense strength, power and passion inside they are determined to project out into the world and to those they deem worthy.

Sagittarius- I feel that Sagittarius souls are the most cut and dry of all the other signs that make up the Zodiac. Their best describing characteristics are that they are very independent, unemotional, freedom seeking individuals.  They do not like to be confined to schedules and commitments.  They would rather be out exploring the world.  They are well liked by many, however they have a tendency to be painfully truthful and can come across as insensitive to some.  They do not mean to insult or hurt others they just feel that there is no time to waste energy on things that are not the truth.  This being said they are not guided by emotions and tend to adjust well to things because they do not dwell on anything.  The people of this sign believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated.

Capricorn- Aww Capricorn, Capricorn is the black and white simple of the Zodiac.  These people tend to view things as right or wrong in all of life’s situations and happenings.  The people of this sign are very responsible resourceful,distrusting,and controlling individuals.  Capricorns know their capabilities and therefore feel most comfortable being in charge of situations.  They are extremely mysterious, and tend to be deep and full of intrigue.  They like to live in organized, time oriented environments.  People tend to sometimes view Capricorns as boring, however it is because they live by their own self discipline and desire for prestige.  They have a hard time letting anyone get close emotionally because they do not like to be vulnerable.  Instead they prefer to put themselves into their ambitions so that they may succeed and live a very structured calculated and prestigious life.

Aquarius- The rebels of the Zodiac!!!  The inhabitants of the Aquarius sign are very smart, witty and aloof people.  They are stubborn and tend to be rather unemotional which comes from their no attachment theory.  As a matter of fact freedom is imperative to their state of well being.  They refuse to be held down or feel stuck in any way.  The mis-conception of these kind hearted souls is that they are selfish and uncaring.  However that is not the case.  Aquarius individuals make very good friends and will do things for others without any expectations.  Their need for change and their search for wisdom leads them to feel the need to not be attached to anyone or anything.  Other signs are drawn to the Aquarius soul because of their spontaneous nature, however because they are so unconventional they lack the ability to offer stability to others.

Last but not least we have……

Pisces-  Pisces is the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs, therefore making them compassionate, accepting, devoted individuals.  However because they lack self discipline and confidence they tend to escape into their imaginations.  Those of this sign long for a place of happiness where those around them are filled with happiness too.  Sometimes they may become very self pitying if things don’t follow along with their imagined dreams, thus needing others to keep them grounded.  Although they also don’t like being in a leadership role they have the ability to work hard for what they want.  The are very adaptable and tend to become molded by their environment.  Some may say the Pisces individual is over sensitive and indecisive, however they have extreme compassion for others and can often feel the pain of those closest to them.  This being said a pisces is a very caring and devoted person making them a great friend.

Hopefully after these last two blogs you feel a little more knowledgeable when it comes to the 12 Zodiac Signs.  From here there is so much we can explore and continue to learn about Astrology.  Some of you may find that reading more about your sign and what makes it unique will over you further insight into your spirit.  Knowing more about ourselves can help us focus on our strengths and gain success in so many aspects of this life.  Until next time SHINE BRIGHT!

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