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Your Sign & Your Career

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 | Luka | General

Your Sign & Your Career

So, now we know a little more about each sign.  What would you say if I told you, you may find career bliss by listening to your sign?? I’m not trying to sell you on anything other then if we make some of our own self discoveries we may succeed as much as we would like.  Like you have read in the past few blog posts or if this is your first post you are reading, I outlined the main description of those born under each sign.  Strengths, weaknesses, the best explanation of why we are partial to certain things and others we are not.  So, what if you actually sat down and made a list of the things that make you feel good and those that don’t?  The things you feel good at and the things you are absolutely bored, not interested in, and have no desire for.  Just stop for a moment and think about it.What if you focused on the things you liked and enjoyed and could make a living doing that?  Or a career you at least felt the desire to keep moving up in and excel at.  This is where the believers and the non believers come into play.  There are people, scientist even perhaps that feel that astrology is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that has no real logic in the real world.   I understand that, as a logical thinking person myself, however if I myself may identify with the majority if not all the characteristics of my sign why would I not explore the idea?

   Fast forward to a conversation I had with my hairdresser a few years back as I sat in her chair wondering what I was doing with my hair, heck even my life!  I was stagnant, at a stand still.  I hated my job, I didn’t feel like I was moving anywhere in life.  I felt like I was going to remain in the same spot I was in, nothing changing just staying the same.  As a matter of fact that is why I was sitting in her chair.  I thought I needed a new color or hair style to make me feel like I was actually going places.  We decided I probably shouldn’t cut my hair off and dye it blue, that the change I was after actually was from within.  That is when she started talking. My hairdresser Mari, had been at SalonBelFiore.com  probably for the past three years, which is when I first found the place.  She is now the manager as well as one of the top stylists and that is because she decided one day to do what she loved and what she was good at.  She said to me as I sat there in my misery, she was a receptionist for a large law firm once.  She made great money worked 40+ hours a week and could have studied to be a paralegal.  No matter how good she seemed to be doing Mari HATED it!!

       She told me she had no desire to be in such and organized profession where all creativity was lost.  She was scripted and generic when speaking with people.   Mari wanted to interact with people on a real level, use her imagination and make whatever dreams she could come true.  So she decided to take a step back and re evaluate.  She started looking into self help and motivational blogs etc. That is when she realized she wanted to do something in life that would allow her to express her creativity, to interact and connect with others and to allow her to find the motivation and will in her to get better and better at what she did.  Mari went to Cosmetology school.  Like I said now she has been at A salon here in Temecula, California for 3 years.  She is doing what she loves, has acquired a management position and continues to prosper.  Hearing her story and being the astrological enthusiast I am I asked her what her sign was.  She responded with Pisces.  Ah yes this makes total sense now. A pisces is creative, passionate, longs to connect with others and help those around them.  They are imaginative and hate formality.

       You may call it a coincidence, however it makes perfect sense. If you look up best professions for pisces you will see hair stylist listed.  Isn’t it true when you are at ease you are in your most natural state? That that is when you are most free to be who you are? I left that day with great hair, which ladies I’m sure you can agree great hair elevates your mood any day, and some personal insight to achieve,  I felt reinforced and renewed.  Astrology+personal growth= Success…pretty simple equation don’t you think?

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