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Stress and Your Sign..

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 | Luka | General

We all know that the world isn’t all butterflies, sunshine, and roses, meaning there are many factors that contribute to the things we deal with on a day to day basis.  It would be quite lovely if we could all go through our days with nothing but positivity and ease.  This however is not how things work.  Things in our everyday lives can add stressors to our existence.  These stressors come from many different things such as relationships, financial woes, our jobs, kids, and hectic schedules to name a few.  The way we deal with stress varies from person to person.  Some of us may be able to tolerate higher capacities of stress while others may not do very well when put under even a small amount.  Thus being said just as we may find a better understanding of ourselves through Astrology, the same is true with understanding how we deal with the stress factors life throws at us.  At first you may wonder or doubt the fact that we can find some insight on our stress coping strategies and tolerance levels through our signs.  Stop and think about it for a second though, if we can gain understanding of ourselves based on what our astrological signs say about our personalities, our strengths and weakness’, and even our career paths why wouldn’t we be able to find some insight on our stress mechanisms!

For example let’s take a look at our dear Taurus friends.  The Taurus person has a strong work ethic and they strive to succeed at what they do.  They do not like letting others down and take pride in their work and getting it done right the first time around.  If something is amiss or goes wrong instead of viewing it as a learning curve that could make them stronger they tend to internalize it and feel as though they have failed.  They worry about how they say things or how they may come across to others, as they do not like making other people feel bad even if that was not their intention.  Putting that kind of pressure on themselves is a recipe for stress!  If those under the Taurus sign were able stop and take a deep breath and repeat the mantra “I will not be too hard on myself and focus on every little thing when I know I have done my best”  and also be aware of the fact that they can not internalize other people’s reactions if they themselves know that they did not speak with a mean or negative tongue they can help lessen the stress they feel.  Yes being able to conquer the way you do and see things to your advantage can be a difficult task to master, however with the knowledge you have on the way you are about particular things , you as a Taurus may identify with your stress inducers, and the way you cope more so then if you are blindly feeling your way through.  Having said this I would like to share with you a story about something right up this alley!

A fellow Astrology lover I met at a workshop last year owns a successful garage door repair company based in Phoenix.   At the workshop we were attending we touched upon how your sign can lead to revealing some of your stress factors and how they originate.  Dan, the garage door business owner shared with me and the others in the workshop that he is a mighty ram.  For those of you still learning the astrology a ram falls under the Aries sign.  He then proceeded to tell us that he has a ton of energy and tackles projects head on, thus also taking on a lot of work at one time often.  When he starts to tire out he feels as though he is letting himself and his clients down and thus stresses about the work he needs to do and pushes himself to

exhaustion at times.  Sure enough those are definitely qualifications of an Aries.   The workshop lead being an Astrology expert suggested that knowing all these factors about himself and his tendencies he should start with taking at least one day off every week.  A day that he can rest his mind and body and rejuvenate the energy bank he has depleted.  Not only would he give himself a break but he would help by not letting his energy get that low thus making him tired and feel as though he can’t finish the job to his standards, which then makes him feel he is letting others down!   Dan agreed and thought as well that it would help him to stay ahead of the game!  He also thought that knowing how he is about personal standards and taking on to much he might be better able to get a handle on things and not feel as stressed out as he does at times.  He also said that his wife would thank him!

That is only one example of what Astrology can do to help us on a day to day basis.  We all would love some insight I’m sure on how to both prevent and cope with stress brought on by ourselves and life!!   Let Astrology help guide you my friends, it is a interesting and fun alternative to learn to help guide us through this crazy thing called life!

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