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Tides and The Moon

Thursday, December 15th, 2016 | Luka | General



One of the the things that many astrology enthusiasts pay attention to is the moon.  The moon and its different stages are believed to have a noticeable effect on people and their moods.  Some believe this to be unbelievably true, while still others think there is no such proof.  However one thing we do know is that the moon and its gravitational pull have a definite effect on the ocean and it’s tides.  With this being said, if the moon is strong enough to effect the sea, would there not be enough magnetic pull that humans could not be affected as well?  Maybe to begin to dive into the effects of the moon on human moods we first need to understand the effect it has on our tides!

We first should understand what a Lunar Tide is and how it’s created.  The moon and the Earth have an attraction to each other, similar to those of magnets. Their gravitational pull both bouncing off each other in a kind of tug-o-war.  Because of this attraction there is a set of tides created.  Two high tides and two low tides, with the time span of 12 hours and 25 minutes in between high tides.  These tide sets are also referred to as the tidal cycle.  Next we have 3 different types of specific tides:

  • SPRING TIDES- Spring tides occur during either the Full or New Moon, and come from the pull of the moon and the sun together.  Due to the combined pull of both the moon and sun these tides are exceptionally strong.  What does this mean for the tides?  It means the the high tides are veyr high and low tides are very low.


  • NEAP TIDES-  Neap tides occur during the quarter phases of the moon.  The gravitational pull is especially weak at this time making there not much of a difference between high and low tide.  The Sun and The Earth are at a different angle from each other which affects the force of their gravitational pulls on each other.


  • PROXIGEAN TIDE-  This is a very rare tide occurring every one and a half years.  This type of tide only happens when the moon is unusually close to the earth during the New Moon

The next thing we must understand are Solar Tides, which occur because of the attraction and gravitational pull between the Sun and the Earth.  Defining Solar Tides are two water surges that occur.  These water bulges take place every time the earth does a full spin on it’s axis, making it a 24 hour cycle.  When both the Lunar Tides and Solar Tides interact  is when the three types of tides (Spring, Neap, and Proxigean) occur.

There are many outside sources that play a role in how are ocean flows and rises, as well as its timing. Although we may not see the mighty force of that gravitational pull,  it does not mean it is not there.  I however think that if there is a strong enough magnetism out there to affect our tides and the working of the oceans, this same forceful pull can somehow affect our moods and our thought patterns.  As it is often said ,  people especially women tend to get a little batty around Full Moons.  Whether you choose to believe it or not is your choice.  Do a little experience and leading up to the next Full Moon take note of how you are feeling and what your moods are like.  Magnetism is a real thing that affects many things including nature, it is definitely strong enough to have an affect on you!


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