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Saturday, December 17th, 2016 | Luka | General

      Astrology and Birthstones, What Exactly Is The Correlation?  Originally it was said that Birthstones and your Zodiac sign were associated with one another, as well as your birth month.  Some now believe that you have a Zodiac gemstone and a birthstone.  Zodiac gemstones differ a bit from your birthstone and are also known as Astral stones.  The name Astral stones descended from Astrology and other Holistic beliefs.  It is believed that Astrological  signs are linked to the physical form of  a gemstone here on Earth and thus interacts in part with the wearer.  This being said it is felt that the vibrations from the crystals energy help to improve your own surrounding energy.  Not only enhancing energy flow for the person but also bringing good luck, as well as aiding and improving overall health!

What exactly are the Zodiac Gemstones for each astrological sign????

  • Aquarius- Garnet
  • Pisces- Amethyst
  • Aries- Bloodstone
  • Taurus- Sapphire
  • Gemini- Agate
  • Cancer- Emerald
  • Leo- Onyx
  • Virgo- Carnelian
  • Libra- Chrysolite
  • Scorpio- Beryl
  • Sagittarius- Citrine
  • Capricorn- Ruby

What is it about crystals or precious stones that are so beneficial to you?  Back in ancient times astrologers started taking notice of the positive effects they had on those that wore them.  Crystals have their own energy that radiates from the earth.  They are known for healing, creating positive energy flow and bringing good luck and enhancing positivity.  How exactly does this occur from a “rock” found on Earth?  The type of energy a crystal emits is determined by the atomic vibrations and it’s internal crystalline structure.  The energy from crystals vibrate in such a way that it connects with and helps strengthen the free roaming energies within an individual.  This energy connection happens because of the subtle energy that are found in both crystal and human beings.  Subtle energy is a softer, slower and gentler form of energy.  It reacts and resonates with the existing less physical energies around it.  Because of this both our energy within us a people and the energies found in crystals reflect off one another creating a powerful form of positive energy.  Many people think that by carrying their gemstone or birthstone with them they will instantly start to feel the energy reflection, however this isn’t quite true.  One must wear or carry their stone around for a few days before the positive effects will begin to be noticed.  If you quietly observe with patience you will begin to both feel and see the energies working their magic.

Not only are gemstones and birthstones full of positive vibrations, they are also quite beautiful.  Many people enjoy wearing them for their brilliant colors and eye catching appeal.  As a matter of fact the jewelry industry has made quite a profit off the designs including birthstones and gemstones.  There are exquisite rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to be found.  Right now with the holidays approaching giving a special person a gift including their birthstone is not only a nice gift but it brings with it so much more.  You can give these beauties of nature not only as a holiday gift but a gift for any occasion.  A great anniversary gift is perhaps a necklace or ring with the lovers birthstones joined.

All in all birthstones as well as your Zodiac gemstone are brilliant little beauties packed with a positive punch.  They bring with them a  genuine reflection of the wearer due to the defining qualities each gem represents for those born under a specific sign.  The energies that resonate with your own are compatible forms and will reflect beautifully off each other when combined.  Because the vibrations are determined by those subtle energies there is a gentle quality they add to all the energy surrounding us.  You may not be quite a believer in the magic of zodiac gemstones or your birthstone, however my advice to you is to carry yours around with you for a week.  Silently observe how you feel and the energy that begins to surround you.  Any natural way to enhance life, health and the quality of living is well worth a try!



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