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Monday, December 19th, 2016 | Luka | General

That’s a Wrap!


My love for Astrology has blossomed continuously over the past few years.  At first it started as a hobby that I enjoyed exploring, and progressively became a passion I began educating others on.  I have gone to numerous workshops throughout the states, as well as held some of my own.  As you know I have created a blog.. Welcome to Ibertarot!….and genuinely want to spread my love for this ancient study.  Recently while I was trying to decide how to get my website and blog out there a bit more I came across Discountwraps.com.  They are a DIY vehicle vinyl wrap supplier based out of Dallas Texas.  While looking over their website I thought to myself, what a spectacular idea!  Mobile advertisement and I could customize my vehicle wrap to my preference for my suv!  It’s business and a new paint job in one!  I looked a little further into what exactly a vinyl wrap for your vehicle entails.  Basically discount wraps guides you through the process of formating the custom wrap you want for your car.  They then provide videos on how to apply the wrap to your vehicle yourself. I was a little apprehensive about this part, could I really do this project myself!? Then I found that for those like myself they provide a list of professional wrap installers that are affordable and near you.  YESSS this was for me!!!


      Hmm what did I want on my car exactly??  It took me a few days but one morning while I was feeding my cats it came to me.  I wanted my astrological sign on my car with the background being the color of my zodiac gemstone.  Wait, it gets better.  I then added the website address for my blog!!  So if any of you readers are newcomers to this site, and have come to read my posts because you saw my car driving down the street… WELCOME.  For those of you that faithfully read my writings I encourage you looking to advertise or revive the outside exterior of your vehicle to look into this awesome new technique.  I absolutely love my car and feel that I am really getting myself out there by way of advertising.  My passion is the teachings of astrology and i love sharing the knowledge with others.  It’s personal insight and fun rolled into one.  If I can reach just one person with my understanding of this ancient study of the constellations and their powers then that is one more person that may find greater inner knowledge of themselves.

            Isn’t that what we are after anyway?  To find a greater understanding of ourselves and the world we exist in?  By understanding even some of the energies that surround us daily and the way they affect us as well as nature can be mind blowing.  Confucius, an ancient chinese teacher and philosopher  who founded Confucianism said it best…Everyone is born with there own inner chi, as long as we don’t  attach to much  to anything either positive or negative  we will follow our path laid out for us to peace and happiness. This being said I believe that by having knowledge regarding your astrological sign can only aid you in finding and understanding yourself to your fullest potential.  As you may have read in my previous article the tides of the oceans are affected by the moon and the gravitational forces that reflect off each other.  If this can occur between the sea and the moon I feel the same can be said between human life form and the stars.  Our world is a great expanse of gasses, stars, galaxies and so many mysteries waiting to be unlocked.  Having the knowledge we do as of now about astrology is amazing.  Not all believe in astrology as I have said before but for those that do and continue explore it there is a world of self power to be found.

     Thank you to all my devoted readers and for those that may be just perusing my pages.  I appreciate you all that take the time to read my thoughts, teachings, and research.  I hope that you have enjoyed my posts as much as I have in writing them.   Feel free to share my website with those you know who may find it knowledgeable and interesting.  With the New Year approaching I plan to take my posts to a whole new level.  For those of you a little nervous about the new year and what it may have in store for you, my advice….Check out your horoscope!!



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