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So, Who is Luka Anyway?

So, who am I anyway and what’s the purpose of my blog?   My name is Luka, I’m a down to earth, energy seeking girl from the Big Island of Hawaii.   I find that people’s faith and positivity centers around their beliefs in higher powers.  I like to believe that the Universe is full of energy, magnetism and that astrology plays a role in our daily lives.  I know many are skeptical of astrology and the insight it may have into ourselves and the situations that occur in our lives, however I think if anything it’s an interesting subject to learn about and each and every one of us may gather some wisdom about ourselves and our astrological system!  I hope that those of you reading my blogs find them interesting, unique and full of information.  I will provide facts as well as my own insight into astrology, with the idea that everyone’s interpretation is different!   Enjoy and feel free to leave me any comments or feed back! Be sure to check out my very first post!