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Astrologically Wrapped

That’s a Wrap!


My love for Astrology has blossomed continuously over the past few years.  At first it started as a hobby that I enjoyed exploring, and progressively became a passion I began educating others on.  I have gone to numerous workshops throughout the states, as well as held some of my own.  As you know I have created a blog.. Welcome to Ibertarot!….and genuinely want to spread my love for this ancient study.  Recently while I was trying to decide how to get my website and blog out there a bit more I came across Discountwraps.com.  They are a DIY vehicle vinyl wrap supplier based out of Dallas Texas.  While looking over their website I thought to myself, what a spectacular idea!  Mobile advertisement and I could customize my vehicle wrap to my preference for my suv!  It’s business and a new paint job in one!  I looked a little further into what exactly a vinyl wrap for your vehicle entails.  Basically discount wraps guides you through the process of formating the custom wrap you want for your car.  They then provide videos on how to apply the wrap to your vehicle yourself. I was a little apprehensive about this part, could I really do this project myself!? Then I found that for those like myself they provide a list of professional wrap installers that are affordable and near you.  YESSS this was for me!!!


      Hmm what did I want on my car exactly??  It took me a few days but one morning while I was feeding my cats it came to me.  I wanted my astrological sign on my car with the background being the color of my zodiac gemstone.  Wait, it gets better.  I then added the website address for my blog!!  So if any of you readers are newcomers to this site, and have come to read my posts because you saw my car driving down the street… WELCOME.  For those of you that faithfully read my writings I encourage you looking to advertise or revive the outside exterior of your vehicle to look into this awesome new technique.  I absolutely love my car and feel that I am really getting myself out there by way of advertising.  My passion is the teachings of astrology and i love sharing the knowledge with others.  It’s personal insight and fun rolled into one.  If I can reach just one person with my understanding of this ancient study of the constellations and their powers then that is one more person that may find greater inner knowledge of themselves.

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Astrology & Birthstones

      Astrology and Birthstones, What Exactly Is The Correlation?  Originally it was said that Birthstones and your Zodiac sign were associated with one another, as well as your birth month.  Some now believe that you have a Zodiac gemstone and a birthstone.  Zodiac gemstones differ a bit from your birthstone and are also known as Astral stones.  The name Astral stones descended from Astrology and other Holistic beliefs.  It is believed that Astrological  signs are linked to the physical form of  a gemstone here on Earth and thus interacts in part with the wearer.  This being said it is felt that the vibrations from the crystals energy help to improve your own surrounding energy.  Not only enhancing energy flow for the person but also bringing good luck, as well as aiding and improving overall health!

What exactly are the Zodiac Gemstones for each astrological sign????

  • Aquarius- Garnet
  • Pisces- Amethyst
  • Aries- Bloodstone
  • Taurus- Sapphire
  • Gemini- Agate
  • Cancer- Emerald
  • Leo- Onyx
  • Virgo- Carnelian
  • Libra- Chrysolite
  • Scorpio- Beryl
  • Sagittarius- Citrine
  • Capricorn- Ruby

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Tides and The Moon



One of the the things that many astrology enthusiasts pay attention to is the moon.  The moon and its different stages are believed to have a noticeable effect on people and their moods.  Some believe this to be unbelievably true, while still others think there is no such proof.  However one thing we do know is that the moon and its gravitational pull have a definite effect on the ocean and it’s tides.  With this being said, if the moon is strong enough to effect the sea, would there not be enough magnetic pull that humans could not be affected as well?  Maybe to begin to dive into the effects of the moon on human moods we first need to understand the effect it has on our tides!

We first should understand what a Lunar Tide is and how it’s created.  The moon and the Earth have an attraction to each other, similar to those of magnets. Their gravitational pull both bouncing off each other in a kind of tug-o-war.  Because of this attraction there is a set of tides created.  Two high tides and two low tides, with the time span of 12 hours and 25 minutes in between high tides.  These tide sets are also referred to as the tidal cycle.  Next we have 3 different types of specific tides:

  • SPRING TIDES- Spring tides occur during either the Full or New Moon, and come from the pull of the moon and the sun together.  Due to the combined pull of both the moon and sun these tides are exceptionally strong.  What does this mean for the tides?  It means the the high tides are veyr high and low tides are very low.


  • NEAP TIDES-  Neap tides occur during the quarter phases of the moon.  The gravitational pull is especially weak at this time making there not much of a difference between high and low tide.  The Sun and The Earth are at a different angle from each other which affects the force of their gravitational pulls on each other.


  • PROXIGEAN TIDE-  This is a very rare tide occurring every one and a half years.  This type of tide only happens when the moon is unusually close to the earth during the New Moon

The next thing we must understand are Solar Tides, which occur because of the attraction and gravitational pull between the Sun and the Earth.  Defining Solar Tides are two water surges that occur.  These water bulges take place every time the earth does a full spin on it’s axis, making it a 24 hour cycle.  When both the Lunar Tides and Solar Tides interact  is when the three types of tides (Spring, Neap, and Proxigean) occur.

There are many outside sources that play a role in how are ocean flows and rises, as well as its timing. Although we may not see the mighty force of that gravitational pull,  it does not mean it is not there.  I however think that if there is a strong enough magnetism out there to affect our tides and the working of the oceans, this same forceful pull can somehow affect our moods and our thought patterns.  As it is often said ,  people especially women tend to get a little batty around Full Moons.  Whether you choose to believe it or not is your choice.  Do a little experience and leading up to the next Full Moon take note of how you are feeling and what your moods are like.  Magnetism is a real thing that affects many things including nature, it is definitely strong enough to have an affect on you!


Stress and Your Sign..

We all know that the world isn’t all butterflies, sunshine, and roses, meaning there are many factors that contribute to the things we deal with on a day to day basis.  It would be quite lovely if we could all go through our days with nothing but positivity and ease.  This however is not how things work.  Things in our everyday lives can add stressors to our existence.  These stressors come from many different things such as relationships, financial woes, our jobs, kids, and hectic schedules to name a few.  The way we deal with stress varies from person to person.  Some of us may be able to tolerate higher capacities of stress while others may not do very well when put under even a small amount.  Thus being said just as we may find a better understanding of ourselves through Astrology, the same is true with understanding how we deal with the stress factors life throws at us.  At first you may wonder or doubt the fact that we can find some insight on our stress coping strategies and tolerance levels through our signs.  Stop and think about it for a second though, if we can gain understanding of ourselves based on what our astrological signs say about our personalities, our strengths and weakness’, and even our career paths why wouldn’t we be able to find some insight on our stress mechanisms!

For example let’s take a look at our dear Taurus friends.  The Taurus person has a strong work ethic and they strive to succeed at what they do.  They do not like letting others down and take pride in their work and getting it done right the first time around.  If something is amiss or goes wrong instead of viewing it as a learning curve that could make them stronger they tend to internalize it and feel as though they have failed.  They worry about how they say things or how they may come across to others, as they do not like making other people feel bad even if that was not their intention.  Putting that kind of pressure on themselves is a recipe for stress!  If those under the Taurus sign were able stop and take a deep breath and repeat the mantra “I will not be too hard on myself and focus on every little thing when I know I have done my best”  and also be aware of the fact that they can not internalize other people’s reactions if they themselves know that they did not speak with a mean or negative tongue they can help lessen the stress they feel.  Yes being able to conquer the way you do and see things to your advantage can be a difficult task to master, however with the knowledge you have on the way you are about particular things , you as a Taurus may identify with your stress inducers, and the way you cope more so then if you are blindly feeling your way through.  Having said this I would like to share with you a story about something right up this alley!

A fellow Astrology lover I met at a workshop last year owns a successful garage door repair company based in Phoenix.   At the workshop we were attending we touched upon how your sign can lead to revealing some of your stress factors and how they originate.  Dan, the garage door business owner shared with me and the others in the workshop that he is a mighty ram.  For those of you still learning the astrology a ram falls under the Aries sign.  He then proceeded to tell us that he has a ton of energy and tackles projects head on, thus also taking on a lot of work at one time often.  When he starts to tire out he feels as though he is letting himself and his clients down and thus stresses about the work he needs to do and pushes himself to

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Your Sign & Your Career

Your Sign & Your Career

So, now we know a little more about each sign.  What would you say if I told you, you may find career bliss by listening to your sign?? I’m not trying to sell you on anything other then if we make some of our own self discoveries we may succeed as much as we would like.  Like you have read in the past few blog posts or if this is your first post you are reading, I outlined the main description of those born under each sign.  Strengths, weaknesses, the best explanation of why we are partial to certain things and others we are not.  So, what if you actually sat down and made a list of the things that make you feel good and those that don’t?  The things you feel good at and the things you are absolutely bored, not interested in, and have no desire for.  Just stop for a moment and think about it.What if you focused on the things you liked and enjoyed and could make a living doing that?  Or a career you at least felt the desire to keep moving up in and excel at.  This is where the believers and the non believers come into play.  There are people, scientist even perhaps that feel that astrology is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that has no real logic in the real world.   I understand that, as a logical thinking person myself, however if I myself may identify with the majority if not all the characteristics of my sign why would I not explore the idea?

   Fast forward to a conversation I had with my hairdresser a few years back as I sat in her chair wondering what I was doing with my hair, heck even my life!  I was stagnant, at a stand still.  I hated my job, I didn’t feel like I was moving anywhere in life.  I felt like I was going to remain in the same spot I was in, nothing changing just staying the same.  As a matter of fact that is why I was sitting in her chair.  I thought I needed a new color or hair style to make me feel like I was actually going places.  We decided I probably shouldn’t cut my hair off and dye it blue, that the change I was after actually was from within.  That is when she started talking. My hairdresser Mari, had been at SalonBelFiore.com  probably for the past three years, which is when I first found the place.  She is now the manager as well as one of the top stylists and that is because she decided one day to do what she loved and what she was good at.  She said to me as I sat there in my misery, she was a receptionist for a large law firm once.  She made great money worked 40+ hours a week and could have studied to be a paralegal.  No matter how good she seemed to be doing Mari HATED it!!

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The Remaining 6

Hello readers!  In my last blog, The First 6, we discussed 6 of the twelve signs that make up the Zodiac Chart.  Which means we have 6 signs still remaining to learn a little bit about to finish rounding out the chart. Let’s begin with Libra, the most diplomatic of all the Zodiac signs……..

Libra– Libras…Libras are very diplomatic, balanced, and graceful individuals.  However they also tend to have superficial, unreliable, and vain qualities.  These qualities lead them to crave luxury and expensive things.  They have a constant desire to be around people rather then spend time alone.  Libras tend to captivate others with their hospitable nature, as they are known to be harmonious peacemakers.  Although the libra individual tends to possess intelligence and independence they prefer to let others do their work for them, which can often lead to them being an underachiever. Often though their love for excitement and new surroundings leads them to form groups and become the center of that group.  Libras love to have the admiration of others and reveal in the leadership role.  It is hard to not want to follow a libra, because he/she is such an easy going person that wants everyone to get along.

Scorpio- The individuals that fall under Scorpio are the most misunderstood individuals of the zodiac!  They tend to be misread by others because of their fiercely independent attitude and the need to not be controlled.  Scorpios are loyal, passionate, determined and persistent people.  They can accomplish any task they set out to do because they never give up as well as they have unwavering flexibility.  They can re evaluate a situation and adjust accordingly.  They have a shocking tendency to be truthful in their humor and are seen by others as powerfully interesting beings.  Relationships tend to be complicated with people of this sign do to the fact that they are very stubborn and moody.  However I like to think they are misunderstood a little because a scorpio loves deeply and intensely.  If you treat a scorpio with kindness and respect they will forever be loyal and caring to you in return.  The creatures of this sign show an underlying calm to the outside world however they have immense strength, power and passion inside they are determined to project out into the world and to those they deem worthy.

Sagittarius- I feel that Sagittarius souls are the most cut and dry of all the other signs that make up the Zodiac. Their best describing characteristics are that they are very independent, unemotional, freedom seeking individuals.  They do not like to be confined to schedules and commitments.  They would rather be out exploring the world.  They are well liked by many, however they have a tendency to be painfully truthful and can come across as insensitive to some.  They do not mean to insult or hurt others they just feel that there is no time to waste energy on things that are not the truth.  This being said they are not guided by emotions and tend to adjust well to things because they do not dwell on anything.  The people of this sign believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated.

Capricorn- Aww Capricorn, Capricorn is the black and white simple of the Zodiac.  These people tend to view things as right or wrong in all of life’s situations and happenings.  The people of this sign are very responsible resourceful,distrusting,and controlling individuals.  Capricorns know their capabilities and therefore feel most comfortable being in charge of situations.  They are extremely mysterious, and tend to be deep and full of intrigue.  They like to live in organized, time oriented environments.  People tend to sometimes view Capricorns as boring, however it is because they live by their own self discipline and desire for prestige.  They have a hard time letting anyone get close emotionally because they do not like to be vulnerable.  Instead they prefer to put themselves into their ambitions so that they may succeed and live a very structured calculated and prestigious life.

Aquarius- The rebels of the Zodiac!!!  The inhabitants of the Aquarius sign are very smart, witty and aloof people.  They are stubborn and tend to be rather unemotional which comes from their no attachment theory.  As a matter of fact freedom is imperative to their state of well being.  They refuse to be held down or feel stuck in any way.  The mis-conception of these kind hearted souls is that they are selfish and uncaring.  However that is not the case.  Aquarius individuals make very good friends and will do things for others without any expectations.  Their need for change and their search for wisdom leads them to feel the need to not be attached to anyone or anything.  Other signs are drawn to the Aquarius soul because of their spontaneous nature, however because they are so unconventional they lack the ability to offer stability to others.

Last but not least we have……

Pisces-  Pisces is the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs, therefore making them compassionate, accepting, devoted individuals.  However because they lack self discipline and confidence they tend to escape into their imaginations.  Those of this sign long for a place of happiness where those around them are filled with happiness too.  Sometimes they may become very self pitying if things don’t follow along with their imagined dreams, thus needing others to keep them grounded.  Although they also don’t like being in a leadership role they have the ability to work hard for what they want.  The are very adaptable and tend to become molded by their environment.  Some may say the Pisces individual is over sensitive and indecisive, however they have extreme compassion for others and can often feel the pain of those closest to them.  This being said a pisces is a very caring and devoted person making them a great friend.

Hopefully after these last two blogs you feel a little more knowledgeable when it comes to the 12 Zodiac Signs.  From here there is so much we can explore and continue to learn about Astrology.  Some of you may find that reading more about your sign and what makes it unique will over you further insight into your spirit.  Knowing more about ourselves can help us focus on our strengths and gain success in so many aspects of this life.  Until next time SHINE BRIGHT!

The First 6…

Hello, my fellow astrological enthusiast’s!….. Welcome back to my blog.  I want to give a simple description of each zodiac sign which is pretty much the outline of each sign and it’s specific traits.  Just knowing the basic information pertaining to each sign peaks my interest enough to want to find out more in depth information.  Especially for the signs of  those I share the closest relationships with.  I feel the more I learn about the signs of those in my inner circle the more insight I seem to have on the dynamics of our signs together and the relationships we share. Which I should tell you I, myself, am a Cancer.  For those of you that know anything about the Cancer individual and even for those of you just now reading into the signs I can confidently tell you I am a 100% true Cancer down to my pinkie toe! In fact this being said in reading more about my sign I have actually gained a better understanding of myself as a person. Before I get in any deeper about my own sign let me get back to the main focus of this post. I will start with the first six zodiac signs….

Aries- The Aries individual is a independent, enthusiastic impulsive ,short tempered, courageous person that will go after what they want.  They aren’t afraid to take a gamble when it comes to succeeding at something.  This being said if they don’t achieve their desired goal or see fast enough results they tend to lose interest pretty fast. Their magnetic, exciting personality tends to project them into the role of leading others.  The opposition of this is that they do not like taking direction from others, and tend to be self centered and therefore do not think of others feelings as much as they should.  To end on some good qualities they are very generous and optimistic.

Taurus- Our Taurus people are very patient, dependable, stubborn, self indulging, loyal individuals.  While they don’t like taking a leadership role they do have a persistent nature which allows them to strengthen on the already known and succeed once they have perfected their skills. Those of this sign are very sensitive and tend to take comments and wrongful things done to them to heart.  While they may be lazy they are also self indulging and often are very quick to dive into projects or other things relating to themselves.  Taurus individuals tend to be opinionated and stingy and do not like change.  They are very down to earth and hold close their family and best friends offering patient loyalty to anyone they deeply care about.

Gemini- These individuals are not ones to be pinned down by anyone or anything.  They have many sides to them and want to see the world on their own.  They are extremely independent, clever, imaginative people.  Because of these traits they also tend to be devious, restless, and very superficial.  Instead of judging others by their deeper qualities they tend to make an assumption as to how they are treated.  Because of this they often are wrong with first impressions.  With their restlessness they also tend to focus on many projects at once and never really on one thing alone.  Thus creating a trail of unfinished business.  They crave change and freedom and need to define their lives on their own terms.  However because of this need for freedom they are very adaptable which can help them in many life situations.

Cancer- That’s me!! Cancers are the most emotionally driven of all the Zodiac signs.  They tend to need the most emotional support and encouragement of all.  Thus being said Cancers also referred to as the crab are also the most complicated and contradicting.  While they lust after security and support they also crave new adventure.   With their need of emotional stability they often become clingy.  However they do not trust easily and are always looking for the imperfections in things ready to be hurt or sad.  Because of this they tend to half hide in their shell and not fully expose themselves completely to people, even while wanting to take care of and be needed by others. They are the most nurturing of the zodiac and therefore also are known as the mother.  They have a desire to take care of people, and make them happy.  In doing so they then feel happy within themselves. These creatures are deeply rooted with intuition and thus are excellent people readers and are very observant.  If a cancer individual can conquer their emotional downfalls they can become extremely successful people.  It’s a tiring job living half in a shell ready to protect themselves while also wanting to love and take care of those they care about, as well as conquer their own insecurities and stand up for what they believe in.  They may be sensitive and soft on the inside, however they also have a strong sense of will and therefore will stand up for what they want.

Leo- Leo individuals are very independent people and could definitely succeed in what they choose on their own. However they crave someone or something to control as well as to have an admirer and someone that appreciates them.  Although they are very sensitive they hide it very well in their desire for attention, praise and flattery.  They set after the finer things in life as well as define themselves by their social, and extravagant possessions.  They have a flair and want for the nicer things and tend to stir up issues or drama to fulfill their need to keep them satisfied.  While they do not take well to conflict and will strike back with force they do not hold grudges and can forgive quickly.  Leos persist in constant efforts to keep their reputations and images as they desire. Yet they are very exciting individuals and tend to acquire admirers with this characteristic.

Virgo- Virgos are trapped in their own mind.  They like to analyze and think things through before doing anything.  Because of this trait they are very observant, reliable and precise.  However they also tend to be a little too skeptical, inflexible and cold.  They tend to put their intellect to use and be somewhat narrow minded and live by routine.  They are associated with being cold as well because they live in their minds and not emotions and feelings.  However this is not entirely a down fall for these people.  They may constantly strive to improve, but they are honest with pure motives and are out to accomplish any thing they may start.

How exciting is it to learn about these first 6 signs and realize we still have 6 more signs to discover .  The more you read about each sign the more yoU will start to identify those in your life with the traits that their sign represents.  I believe if we all studied astrology a bit more we may be able to interact and have more harmonious relationships with others!  Until next time my Astrology friends! Peace, love, and happiness….

What Exactly Is Astrology??

In order to gain knowledge from Astrology you have to first understand it.  So let me begin with explaining what Astrology actually is!  Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affect every individual’s mood, personality, and the environment depending on when he/she is born.  Depending on the month and day you were born you can determine which of the 12 Zodiac Signs you fall under.  From there each sign has a list of characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, personality traits and tendencies etc.  Most of those that determine their Astrological Sign can identify with many if not all aspects of their sign.   That being said, where did the Zodiac first come from and what are the 12 signs and dates each sign represents?

            The concept of the  Zodiac dates all the way back to the 2nd millennium B.C.  It originated in Babylon and was later influenced by the Hellenistic (Ancient Greek), Roman and Egyptian cultures. There are 88 constellations in the sky that over several thousands of years humans have began to categorize and name them all.  The 12 most prominent are the Zodiac Signs.  These 12 constellations correspond to different parts of the year, thus giving us a span of time that can be categorized between the 12 months of the year!    The signs are determined as follows:









Sagittarius-(Nov.22 -Dec.21)




Now that we have a little more knowledge into what astrology is, the 12 zodiac signs and the dates they represent, I can go a little more in depth about the general characteristics that make up each sign.  Once we understand each signs dynamic a little more we will then be able to understand the different elements of the earth they are catagorized under…these being the classic elements Earth, Wind, Water,and Fire. From there we can dive further into the way certain signs interact and the compatibility of each sign together!  There is so much to explore and understand about astrology the information seems to be endless sometimes…Check out my next post soon!